1948 Allard M1 Drop Head Coupe 

Engine Size 8 cyl Drive Side Right
Transmission Manual

Body Color Bright Red Interior Color Grey
Interior Type

1948 Allard M1 Drop Head Coupe, RHD, Ford V8 Engine Powered. **Bright Red, Powerful, Immaculate Beautiful Condition** **A Stunning Classic Sports Car** One of 2 exported to Australia when new, now returned to the UK. Located near near Newent, Gloucester, UK. This car has been restored from the ground up prior to being shipped from Australia to the UK. Motor has been bored & honed, new rings, big ends and main bearings fitted. New cam bearings & 3/4 cam grind. Full pressure oil system, external cartridge, adjustable tappets, Offenhauser twin carb manifold & "94" carbies. Finned hi-com flathead heads, complete new radiator & electric fan. Fly wheel machined and lightened. A five speed Toyota Celica gearbox has been fitted for maximum performance. All Panels & Timber work rebuilt Originally had Aluminium Body & Doors. Guards, Bonnet & Grill surround were steel. All have been restored. Waterfall Grill in excellent condition. New Upholstery & Interior. Paintwork Bright Sports car Red. (Looks like it is doing 100mph standing still). And new Radial Tyres. Previously owned by Allard fanatic aficionado in Australia. Interested? Please call NZ +64 3 326 5033 or email dr.heins.classics@xtra.co.nz for further information. **YouTube Link. Copy and paste**. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RxtP_Trs7U *********************************************************************************************** The Allard Motor Company was an English car manufacturer founded in 1936 by Sydney Allard. The company, based in Putney, London until 1945 and then in Clapham, London, produced approximately 1900 cars until its closure in 1966.Allards generally featured a large American V8 engine in a small, light British sports car body, giving a high power-to-weight ratio and foreshadowing the more famous AC Cobra - in fact, Carroll Shelby drove an Allard in the 1950s. NB. Some of the colours of the car are distorded. The car is Bright Red. A detailed DVD is available for this car.

Status For Sale

GBP 37,500

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