1924 Dodge 116 Tourer 

Engine Size 4cyl 3.5litre Drive Side Right
Transmission Manual

Body Color Blue/Black Guards Interior Color Black/Black Hood
Interior Type Vinyl

This powerful Dodge 116 Tourer ( 4 cyl., 212.3 cu.i or 3.5 liter ) has quite a remarkable recent history. The last owner acquired it approximately 10 years ago together with two parts cars. As he was not at all mechanically minded he had to have all the restoration work done by qualified tradesmen. So the car was disassembled, the chassis cleaned and painted, much of the woodwork renewed, engine and gearbox fully reconditioned, differential revised, new upholstery, foldable hood and wet weather gear, reflectors resilvered, new radiator, radiator surround chromed, new tires, car completely painted in royal blue, etc. etc... All this cost him several ten thousands of dollars. The car was then delivered back to him only for him to find out that while the engine was running beautifully he could not drive it as he was not able to select any gear. The mechanic had meanwhile shifted to another state and the owner was so disgruntled that he just parked the car in the corner of his big warehouse where it sat for the last several years. When we received the car it took us all of 15 minutes to take the top of the gearbox and rectify the silly mistake that had been made. Otherwise the gearbox appeared in good condition. Likewise did it not take us long at all to fire the engine into life. The car runs and drives as good as it should. Hood and upholstery are in excellent condition. While there wood certainly not be a problem using it as is the body and paint could benefit from some detailing. Available at GBP 14.250,- fully imported into the UK and therefor the EU. **YouTube Links. Copy and paste.** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypf86vTyCOI....... Please call NZ +64 3 326 5033 or email dr.heins.classics@xtra.co.nz for further information.

Status For Sale

GBP 14,250

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